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Curator Reviews for Your Scientific Work

The opinion of the mentor is very important. If the subject does not match, if the goals are not met, if the intermediate deadlines for providing the finished text are not met, he may put an unsatisfactory mark. Otherwise, the project facilitator will recommend the qualification to the examinee after a successful presentation. The State Attestation Board shows an increased interest in the presence of the above formulations. This will entail the formulation of additional questions and, as an outcome, a decrease in the potential score.

The recommendation note contains the following items:

  • the importance of the subject under study;

  • the level of disclosure of the specified problems and the quality of problem solving;

  • conclusion about the presence of independent thinking, shown initiative;

  • consideration of the listener's ability to use specialized literature;

  • predisposition of the student to conduct engineering or research activities;

  • the ability to apply the obtained indicators;

  • the possibility of assigning a qualifying degree to the examinee.

The head of the department considers allowing the work to be defended based on the head's notes. The approved thesis will be sent for review. The scientist-specialist is approved from the employees of other faculties. In other cases, specialists from another institution are involved.

Design criteria

The volume of the text cannot be more than two pages. The font used is Times New Roman, the default size is 14 points. Single line spacing is selected. An indent of 2 cm is taken from the lower and upper edges, 3 centimeters on the left and 1 centimeter on the right. The result is a document with a total volume of two to three thousand characters without spaces. The number of characters is easy to check in the statistics of the Word application. Write the word "Review" in cursive at the top. The topic, title and author are specified below.

Then the text part begins, which is divided into three structural components:

  • introduction;

  • main component;

  • conclusions and recommendations;

At the end, the details of the professor and his signature are indicated. The requirements listed above and their correct implementation will pave the way for the future of many aspiring scientists in various disciplines. Thanks to positive answers, the path to obtaining the cherished profession is shortened. The ability to correctly review research leads to positive changes in the science of education and allows the production of qualified personnel.

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