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How Much Does It Cost To Build An App In Australia

When developing an app, you should consider more than just design and development costs; there may be many hidden costs. You should be aware that there may be additional costs. You'll need money to cover costs such as developer accounts, data storage, updates/maintenance, marketing, and so on.

It's critical to factor in these other costs from the start; in our experience, many projects are stalled or derailed due to a lack of funds, which is frequently due to the app owner's failure to consider these additional costs.

Factors influencing the cost of developing an app

1. Application Type

The app type is most likely the most important factor influencing development costs. Creating a simple QR code scanner app, for example, will be much less expensive than creating a comprehensive social network.

The number of screens, user types, server architecture, and third-party services will all be determined largely by the app type.

Apps that are more expensive

Social networks, marketplaces, artificial intelligence, music production, ride-sharing, and security-heavy apps, such as banking apps, are generally more expensive to develop.

Apps that are less expensive

Calculators, QR scanners, static content apps, educational resources, directories, and note taking apps are typically less expensive to develop.

2. Features

Another important factor influencing development costs is the number and complexity of features. Complex features such as social feed algorithms, IoT device synchronization, or augmented reality will be more expensive than a simple file upload or form.

3. App Development Team Location

The location of your app development can also have a significant impact on the cost. Because app development is a labor-intensive process, the cost of labor has a direct impact on the overall cost.

Labor costs are relatively high in Australia when compared to other countries. While it may be tempting to send your project offshore to a country with lower labor costs, such as India or the Philippines, this approach has its own set of costs and risks.

4. Platforms that are supported

Different programming languages are used to create iOS and Android apps. Building an app that supports both platforms will take more time and money than building for just one. To support Android and iOS, your app developer will need to build the front end of the app twice (in Java and Swift/Objective C). Because the back end will most likely be shared by both, it only needs to be written once.

Using a cross-platform framework like React Native as an alternative to developing the front end twice saves money. Your programmers will be able to write the code once and export it as a native app for each platform. Essentially halving the cost of front-end app development.

How much does app development typically cost?

  • The average cost of bringing an app to the MVP stage is $105,000.

  • A basic proof-of-concept app costs around $35,000 to develop.

  • A prototype app costs around $12,500 to create.

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