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A New Year!

We could say that 2020 wasn't an easy year. Filled with uncertainty, anxiousness and commotion we didn't know what was going to happen. We hoped that one day we would be able to buy building of our own- and that day is today. So we are pleased to announce that after many years of long hard work, we rewarded ourselves by buying a building!

It hasn't always been easy, nor will it ever be, but to be able to taste of the sweetness in the fact of knowing that we did it. There have been many tint shops that have came and gone throughout our years, and while we could have been just another tint shop, we have dedicated our time and energy in persevering this art. This has been possible because of the continually love and support that our amazing friends and family have given us throughout the years, so that we won't ever just be "another tint shop". To them, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We pray that 2021 will be a fantastic year and hope you can swing by our new shop to check us out in this exciting change. Happy new year to all!

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