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Back in 2000, Cedro took the initiative to create a career by owning and operating his own window tinting business. Known previously as A Different Shade, now A.D.S. Window Tint. We have grown immensely over the years since then and we dedicate that to our loyal customers who have consistently been treated the same way we run our business; as family. We have evolved our services to include residential and commercial tinting and, paint protection film! We understand as a small family business that in order for us to thrive, every customer must get the same undivided attention and care for the best possible experience. We can humbly say our reputation stands prominent in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. We are the only certified XPEL dealer in this area as well, click the link below for additional information on our window and paint protection film that we provide from them! 20


Why Choose Us?

There's a required amount of dedication, understanding and experience it takes for the type of work that we allow to go out our door. At A.D.S, our team is always checking each-other's work to ensure there is a fresh set of eyes on anything that could be overlooked. We guarantee our work will leave you satisfied.

Suburban House

Window Tinting
Vehicle, Residential and Commercial

Get the results you deserve with our valuable service at an affordable price! Our qualified team of professionals bring their experience and proficiency along every job. Reward yourself with the best film to suit all of your needs. Privacy and heat rejection, we have what you need.

Paint Protection Film

Our team understands not all cars are the same and we will perform the mandatory time, dedication and efficiency needed for your specific vehicle. Backed by a 10 year warranty, our Xpel self healing film is quite an amazing product. Come check out our showroom for a demonstration on just how effective this stuff is. Satisfaction guaranteed!


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